Building Strong Relationships Through Social Media and Online Marketing

Building relationships is at the core of Social Media Marketing. It is beyond simple analytics of traffic or the website promotion etc. It is similar to two way communications. It is not a simple press release or old methods of “forced marketing” in which companies resorted to blatant interruption and intrusion of the private space which was at unwanted hours, to throw a marketing message on to you.

People do not prefer such tactics and do not like to buy from such companies. Rather the trend is for more interactive approach, where you actually interact with a person, help him ask questions and solve his problems. It makes a long term trust and bonding between a customer and a company, which is responsible for smooth business transactions based on shared interests and common objectives.


Internet companies do not resort to intrusion and violation of privacy when it comes to marketing, but they create a long list of loyal fan base, which will love to deal with you and buy your products as you are thoroughly interactive, listen to them and help them address the issues they are facing. Web Marketing Companies have regularly maintained blogs and they do not try to sell anything there; they just make strong relationships and identification for the company and the products they have.

The Top 10 Reasons Your Online Marketing Fails

internet-marketingIf you are in the field of online business you must have heard of online marketing. Internet marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and web marketing are just the same terms to describe the use of the internet in marketing and promoting your products, services or business. In recent years, online marketing has provided global consumers a higher distribution of information. With today’s increased competition, you must possess the skills and capabilities to attain success. Every success story entails hardships, ups and down, but it’s up to you to learn how to avoid the pitfalls with online marketing. That’s why we are going to discuss the top ten reasons online marketing fails.

Reason #1: The lack of effort and time needed to learn new information about online marketing.

To reach the success you are aspiring to obtain, you must spend adequate efforts and time learning what can lead you to it. Get as much as new online marketing information you can and take time to study them before you use of them for your company’s growth. The more knowledge and experience you can possess, the quicker you will reach your goals.

Often the best online marketing techniques will come to you suddenly, but evolves out of all the information you might know. Do not let your business be deserted by others, make it stand out by utilizing new online marketing strategies. Wide varieties of new information are available throughout the web; just encode an online marketing in Google and you will find what you are looking for. Never stop craving for more and new information, techniques, or techniques about online marketing for you will never grow personally or financially if you are not learning something new. Mike and Shelly Online contains the most reliable and trustworthy tips for online marketing.

Reason #2: Similarity with other online business websites.

To increase customer’s interest, your website must be different from other online business web pages. Visitors get easily bored if they browse and always see the same products, content, and pictures. In order for your online marketing to be successful, you should make your website distinguished from your other competitors. Always make use of unique online marketing ideas when creating your web pages, for it will matter a tremendous amount when trying to attract more potential customers.

Reason #3: Your website is confusing and inconvenient for visitors.

One of the reasons for using online marketing is to promote your products or services to your target audience on the internet. Having too many products, pictures, links, etc. in your web pages can cause confusion and a confused mind will take no action; thereby leaving you without the number of customers that you could and should attract with your online marketing efforts. Try to be simple and focus on a particular product or service with your website. Making sure your other products are in the background of the main product or service you would like to promote. A long navigation system will make people get tired of finding what they want and can cause them to prefer other convenient sites.

Reason #4: Your website is just a sales presentation.

Increasing your sales may result from online marketing, but you must not totally focus on sales alone. Online marketing will benefit you if you provide useful information about your business within your website and attract more potential and actual customers to purchase your products.or services. Most of the time sales do not arise from the first visit, so make use of your online marketing techniques such as providing free information, tips or newsletters to give visitors a reason to come back to visit your website.

Reason #5: Failure to set specific demographic targets.

With online marketing, setting a specific demographic target is very important because you will be more focused on what type of customers you want and what you must do to attract them. Failure to settle the target will increase the risk of failure when promoting your products, services or business; moreover you will not gain the full benefits of online marketing when it comes to increasing your sales and growing your business.

Reason #6: Unsecured ordering pages.

Security for any type of investment matters for almost everybody. Unsecured ordering pages will greatly cause your business to lose sales which contradicts the goals of effective online marketing. Numerous free secure ordering forms are made available on the internet, so this should never be an issue.

Reason #7: A lack of back links to your website as a useful strategy in effective online marketing.

Providing links leading back to your website from a high ranking web page will also give your site a high rank. Linking is the key to success in having your website found on the major search engines and will bring traffic to your website; therefore, increasing you number of potential and actual customers.

Reason #8: Lack of perseverance.

Most businesses fail online due to lack of persistence and giving up too soon. Online marketing will take a lot of time to fully succeed. It could even entail years to become a major player and to develop strong customer relationships, build partnerships and see financial rewards.

Reason #9: Insufficient follow-up.

Within any business following up with a prospect or customer is very important because it will provide you with more of the same types of results that your business desperately needs to grow. Online marketing often fails because many companies fall short in following up with its online visitors; thereby, stunting the growth of brand awareness.

Reason #10: No promoting your website.

Increasing the consumer awareness of your online business can leverage your success. Several online marketing elements and strategies can be used to promote your website, increase traffic and attract more customers. If you lack the funds to pay for promotions, you can use many free ways of advertising your business awareness online such as participating in forums, chats and submitting free links to search engines.

Online Marketing Tips for Success Of Your Business

The internet provides limitless possibilities for business both great and small. From the mom-and-pop restaurant down the street to the high-rise medical building in downtown Los Angeles, building a brand presence online is essential, and manageable. There are a few discussions that you might want to consider having with your partners regarding simply getting started.

The internet can be overwhelming and yet empowering. It can build your business brand and turn it into a way of life, or it can break it down with mixed messaging. In an environment where web users can find exactly what they want, exactly when they want to find it, the competition can be stiff. Making sure that your brand is in front of those web users when they need to find it is crucial, and that’s where this discussion starts.

At Mikeandshellyonline, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. What will get you noticed and maintain your brand presence online, and what will do the exact opposite.

Clear Brand Message

internet-marketing-bannerNo matter what form of advertising your implementing, from print to radio, TV to internet and social media, you absolutely must have a clear, strong and consistent brand message. You could have a campaign running on Facebook, another running on the local radio and yet a third running as banner ads across various websites. Each and every one of these pieces of content must be consistent with the other, and consistent with your overall brand message. If you’re writing a press release, a blog, posting a status update, adding a photo, producing a video or creating a discount coupon, the colors, font and tone must align. The logo must be identical, as well as the message. There is truly no room for flexibility here. Your brand message is the foundation that will garner brand trust and ultimately brand equity.

Having a strong brand message is paramount, and something that needs to be realized before you do any marketing. Talk to us for more help with that one.